Thankful Tuesday: Childhood and Pink Wellies

“Love comforts  like sunshine after rain.” ~ William Shakespeare

jessie pink wellies-001

Today I am thankful for childhood. I have been reading Simplicity Parenting,   and have enjoyed it much more than I expected to. I tend to be wary of bandwagon  parenting books, having been on WAY too many runaway vehicles in my two decades of mothering. But I so support the idea that childhood should be an unhurried, protected time. With my youngest(and last) child a toddler, one out of the nest, and one almost ready for high school, I know first-hand how fleeting these years are. And I am so grateful to be given this gift in my forties to experience the wonder of it all once again.

The rainy season has started in earnest where I live. We have what is called a “grass season,” because it rains so much in the spring and early summer. Soon the brown patches will be replaced by TALL green grass and everywhere one looks there will be folks zipping around on their mowers. When we moved here from Texas, we soon discovered that our small electric mower would just not cut it. Literally. So we scoured Craig’s list and joined the ranks of the mini- tractor riders. I am grateful to have all the rain, although sometimes it makes me grumpy.

I took a picture of our little miss in her new pink wellies, bought for the aforementioned season of rain and grass (and MUD!) She pulls them on at every opportunity, even when she is in the house with just a diaper on. For some reason her fascination with these boots just makes me smile. And I’m back to being grateful for childhood.

Linking up with Micha Boyett for the wonderful Thankful Tuesday.


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