Praying from the Heart

heart rock


This is a repost. I have been rediscovering the benefits of the examen recently and wanted to share it with you.

I first discovered the examen by reading this lovely little book written by Dennis, Matthew , and Sheila Linn. These three have written a slew of short and beautifully illustrated books on the inner life. I wish I owned each one! The language and images really do evoke a childlike innocence and trust which in my experience goes a long way in the development of a “listening heart”.

Maybe some of you would like to try this prayer? For those that are interested, here is a brief introduction. You can read more here.


6 thoughts on “Praying from the Heart

  1. Really, you and my mom should have tea – the two of you could probably talk for hours. She gave me “Good Goats” by the Linns many, many years ago. I just looked for it on my shelf, but it isn’t there, hmmm . . .

    I’m driving to the beach with her tomorrow and looking forward to having 4 hours to talk uninterrupted.

    I’ll miss you while I’m gone!!


    • I am seeing a family tea party in our future šŸ™‚ She sounds very much like a kindred spirit.

      Enjoy the time with your mom and the rest of your family at the beach. It sounds heavenly.

      XOXO to you, friend!

  2. I finally got around to reading this post. I really think it’s inspiring and might just be what I was looking for. I have been thinking about doing some meditation for a while, trying to find my centre and some peace in this busy life. Plus, this might help me on my search for my own faith (sometimes I wish things were as easy as when I was a child). I wanted to try yesterday evening but we got past the “window of opportunity” for my kids falling asleep within a proper time frame, so when they finally were sleeping, I was too šŸ™‚
    Thanks for this, Emmie. Have a lovely week (are you having a holiday too on Thursday?).


    • I completely understand the need for sleep. My toddler is going through a change in her sleeping patterns and sometimes wakes up several times a night, which means I do too! So I sleep when the opportunity comes. Blessings to you too, friend.

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